So young, to be fighting so many.


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What an emotional season finale


Drawing things that make you happy is the best feeling. Have some baby fire ladies

even y o u fear me.


These are the postcard stamp.

book 3 picspam | episode 6 - old wounds

hard edges, soft hearts


Rating: M (It’s honestly mostly smut and very little plot here)

Word Count: 3,234

Author’s Notes:  This originally started as a prompt response to an anon who asked for “Makorra and teasing, sfw or nsfw,” but what started as teasing smut suddenly became emotional smut while I thought about the upcoming finale and now I’m not really sure I fulfilled the prompt, but here it is.  


On her list of things to do and conversations to have (just in case, she grimly tells herself) before reaching Zaheer and the Air Temple, she had left her conversation with him for last, her hand rapping on the door to his airship room with a faltered beat.  When he answers, she’s only half- thought through what she wants to say, what he needs to hear, hoping he’ll pick up on the unsaid words smashed between pauses that shouldn’t have to exist between them in the first place.

So, she doesn’t mind when he takes one of those pauses in their stumbling sentences to show rather than say, when he slips his lips over hers in such a frantic manner that she feels like this is the end they never had and always deserved, before they’ve really even started.

She doesn’t mind when his hands flutter over the side of her face and tiptoe down her neck and shoulders, before finding their home on her waist and pulling her tight against him. 

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